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Building Consultancy & Surveying

By drawing on their wide range of experience and expertise across all sectors and property types, our team has the ability to assist you at each and every stage of commercial property ownership, investment and occupation. 

From acquisition to assessment from reinstatement to disposal, our team of building surveyors provide a bespoke service tailored to your individual property requirement. With our action reports, advice on costings and strategies you can make informed decisions leading to cost savings.

Our Services include:

  • Pre-acquisition building surveys and construction appraisals
  • Building reinstatement cost assessment for insurance purposes
  • Defect diagnosis and condition surveys
  • Development and cost monitoring services

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Added Value

We work closely with our project management, cost consultancy and CDM specialists, which means we are often able to provide added value as a direct result of the team approach we promote within our organisation.

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A pre-aquisition survey advises prospective buyers or tenants of the condition of a building or site that they are considering. It allows clients to make informed decisions when negotiating a deal for a building/ site and in some circumstances can lead to savings on purchase price or lease arrangements.

A reinstatement cost assessment for building insurance purposes, can be calculated by our team to realise the estimated cost to rebuild a property on the basis of total loss, including situations of irreparable damage where complete rebuild would be necessary.

Our team provide detailed analysis of a building’s construction, its overall condition and defects in order to understand causes of failure or reduction in performance. Subsequently we can provide action reports, costings and advice on remediation strategies.

Development Monitoring is undertaken on behalf of funders, owners and potential occupiers of property. It gives an active role to those who, under the typical forms of building contract, often have no channel through which to raise their concerns over issues concerning specification compliance, quality, cost and programming of a development. Our team is well versed on providing these services to projects of all shapes and sizes.

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