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Drone Surveys & Imagery

EPC Construction Consultants offer a full suite of professional construction drone and UAV services tailored to construction and property projects of any size. Aerial surveying high risk or difficult to access areas reduces risks such as working from height and can cover large areas or harsh terrain

Drones or UAV’s (unmanned aerial vehicles) are a rising star in the property and construction industry. Businesses are realising the benefits from increased efficiency (a site survey can be up to 400 times quicker), lower costs, survey-grade accuracy and improved photographic visualisation in 2D and 3D.

Drones can be utilised by a variety of companies from Land agencies, Earthworks companies to estate agencies, property management companies and all types of construction businesses, developers, architects, engineers and everything in between.

Our Services include:

  • Construction site aerial photography
  • Videography for showcasing and monitoring
  • 2D and 3D mapping and modelling
  • Aerial site surveys
  • Health and safety inspections
  • Site planning and progress records

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Capturing Multiple Perspectives

Construction drones and UAV technologies deliver the actionable project intelligence you need. EPC Construction consultants drone services capture multiple perspectives at varying elevations of your project. Let us capture your project straight down, at oblique angles, through project flyovers, or sweeping panorama.

Expertly Trained

Every one of our UAV’s is operated by a certified construction drone pilot, expertly trained in construction-specific data and imagery capture techniques. We comply with all aviation regulations, provide project specific risk assessments and adhere to the necessary insurance requirements to ensure that each flight is safe and compliant.

Our Services can also be applied to a number of other industries and applications, such as mapping in the mining industry, crop health analysis in agriculture, a wide range of surveillance in forestry and videography/ imagery within hospitality – the list goes on!

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Construction site aerial photography can show every stage of development from planning, foundations and building topping out through to completion. There is no better way of getting an overview of the progression of a construction site than by using aerial pictures.

EPC Construction Consultants pilots are all CAA approved and have over 15 years of construction experience. We work with our construction clients to really understand their requirements and how they wish to use aerial photography.

Similar to aerial photography construction and property videography is becoming an increasingly popular and efficient tool for showcasing and monitoring business activity. It can show every stage of a development from planning, foundations, building topping out through to completion. There is no better way of getting an overview progression of a construction site that by using aerial video.

Drones provide a cost effective, safe and quick alternative to traditional surveying techniques. We use drones to cover vast areas and reach previously hard to reach areas to capture a series of images. Once the images of a specific site have been obtained, we can provide a number of different data deliverables to fulfil your needs. It means you can use these at your disposal to make more informed, evidence-based decisions.

Our fleet of drones can be utilised to produce detailed 2D & 3D models, take measurements of a location and perform volume calculations of a specific building or landmass. Our 3D models can also be broken down and exported as point clouds in a range of formats for use in a variety of architectural software’s.

Further to this, data and images acquired from aerial imagery can help layer and plot data onto existing maps and models. Photogrammetry can also be adopted to produce topographic surveys and contour maps. This provides a level of detail that is unobtainable over such vast areas using ground-based equipment.

Our Drone team provide aerial surveys using UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) for the inspection of structures which would usually require the use of raised platforms or scaffolding being erected and operatives working at height; or at locations that are difficult or dangerous to access.

High-resolution digital footage of projects can offer a cost-effective solution for condition surveys on commercial and domestic properties. High-quality detailed observations can be reviewed later for areas requiring maintenance and can be used for insurance claims.

Drone mapping can help facilitate the long-term strategic and detailed day-to-day planning of a construction project, whilst mitigating the associated risks.

Whether it is providing ‘birds-eye’ imagery for traffic management plans, or surveying high risk and difficult, or expensive to access areas, hence, reducing risks such as working from height, or harsh terrain.

Flying drones (UAV’s) is a very cost-effective way of recording progress and issues on a construction site, all the way through to the production of “as built” and hand over documentation.

For example, post construction we have used Ultra-HD 4K video and still images to provide information and evidence relating to the release of contract retention money, without to need to erect expensive scaffolding.

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