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Project Management

We provide our clients with quality Project Management services from the earliest stages through to the on-site delivery and handover of the project. We have a track record of helping to deliver projects on time and on budget.

This service includes defining the brief, setting up the project governance and delivery, procurement and appointment of consultant design teams and specialists. We also undertake management of the planning and design process, procurement of contractors and subsequent management of the construction phase.

Our project monitoring services, help to minimise commercial risk and ensure project delivery in accordance with shareholder objectives.

Services include:

  • Contract administration
  • Project or fund monitoring
  • Procurement services
  • Risk and value management

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Understanding Priorities

EPC’s project managers aim to quickly assimilate with a client’s culture. Their priority is to develop a clear understanding of a client’s value drivers, which, in turn, enables them to keep the wider team aligned with the business strategy behind the project.

Monitor and Control

We manage, monitor and control the project on site against the contract requirements and work with other professional design consultants. We ensure information is delivered in a timely manner to maintain the programme and that specialist design is approved before the work is constructed.

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We have a strong team of CA’s that are focused on providing consistent, quality contract administration services, with a track record of helping to deliver projects on time and on budget.

Project monitoring, or fund monitoring is a crucial role in safeguarding the interests of funding bodies, investors and developers, minimising commercial risk and ensuring project delivery in accordance with shareholder objectives.

Procurement is something we enjoy, and our team thrive in the fact that every job is different. We encourage our clients to be open minded when it comes to consideration of risk and really understand how the choices, they make pre-tender can materially affect the outcome and delivery of a project.

Balancing risk, value and opportunity is like the million-dollar question in construction.

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